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Introducing the Art of Rose Arranging

Are you a plonker or an arranger ?

PLONK.   Have you plonked lately ?

We first heard this word on the Rose Forum a few years ago.  It didn’t sound like a real word until we checked the dictionary where it’s defined as a variation of PLUNK.

So, if one plonks flowers into a vase, bottle,container, or receptacle, then she is a plonker – a happy soul who loves roses and other companion flowers plonked in a fruit jar or whatever is handy.

The act of plonking is effortless and satisfying.  It can be done with little or no training & there are no rules or guidelines.  The results can be quite wonderful decorations for home and cheerful gifts for friends.

The only place plonked, plunked or thrown together bouquets might not fare well is in the arrangement division of a rose show.  It happens quite often when beginners try their hand without some guidance or research.

The schedule may call for a mass or a line mass design, but the entry is an unplanned bouquet quite often in a crystal vase.

Perhaps there is a sad plonker after judging when the bouquet has earned no ribbon . . .


Is it possible for a plonker to become a designer, arranger, or a real ARS competitor?  Absolutely!

The American Rose Society has a publication called Guidelines for Judging Rose Arrangements, which is available from their website. It includes many tips on converting a PLONK style into a PRO style.

The important ingredients are the PRINCIPLES and ELEMENTS of design that are the backbone of all art forms.

Principles include: balance, dominance, contrast, rhythm, proportion, and scale.

Elements include: space, line, form, size, texture, pattern, and color.

When an arrangement is planned around these important items,  a PLONK bouquet becomes a design of beauty with expression, harmony, and distinction.

Furthermore, the arrangement may be constructed to interpret a particular theme. Interpretation is not too easy with a PLONKED bouquet.

So you see, with a little effort, a PLONKER can indeed become a happy ARRANGER, too  .  .

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