Queen’s Herald April 2021

April Highlights

The April Zoom Meeting is April 15, with warm-up at 6.30 and a program at 7 pm focusing on early Spring garden preparations – given by our very own Master Rosarian Bruce Lind. Invitations for Members will arrive by email the week of April 12. If you’re interested in joining our TRS family to get quality rose content in your inbox, click here. Q & A is a regular part of all our meetings.

This month we have several articles on garden preparations for a great blooming season, including planting, soil preparation, and controlling fungus. Start on Pg 1 & keep going.

Up to date Spring pictures from Pt. Defiance’s Rose Garden are on pg 3 & 4. It’s time to start thinking about taking pictures to share of your own garden and rose blooms for another “Rose Show & Tell” this summer. Expect entries to start in June.

A big “Thank You” to Dr. Gary Ritchie for his informative and comprehensive talk about ‘Species Roses’ in the March Zoom meeting. As usual, Gary provided new information that exponentially broadened our understanding of rose culture.

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