Queen’s Herald March 2021

March Highlights

Our Zoom meeting talk on March 18th will be presented by TRS member Gary Ritchie. His
program will deal with species roses: their origin in time and place, the classification and
nomenclature of the different types, and a bit about their anatomical and genetic characteristics. Details are here on page 1.

The annual program interest survey still needs your feedback. See pg 2 on how to respond.

Updated Spring pictures from the Pt. Defiance Rose Garden are on pg 5 & 7.

Be sure to come to hear Gary Ritchie on March 18. Gary is a special speaker and you will be in for
another great treat. Please join us, beginning at 7pm! Last month’s meeting had over 35 active participants – so we’d like to catch up with you in March too. Vaccination updates are welcome . .

Lets Connect!

we’d love to hear your feedback or answer any questions you may have.

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