Deadheading with music

Queen’s Herald August 2021


  • Keith Ripley says that if the temperature is 85 degrees or so, deadheading will automatically change from 4pm to 10am.  Someone will be at the Pt. Defiance Rose Garden at 10am with the sign-in list until noon.
  • The Washington State Fair will have 2 Rose Shows in September.  In order to enter your roses you must register by August 30.  See page 4 for details.
  • We have been invited to enter our roses and other flowers at the Pierce County Fair.  You must register by August 6.  See page 5 for details.
  • Our annual Picnic will be held at John Moe’s home on Sunday, August 15.  See page 1 for all the details.  It will be fun to see people and catch up on the last 16 months.
Got roses? Here’s the latest newsletter about the rose society in Tacoma WA. Lots of good news about upcoming rose shows in Pierce County, including the State Fair.

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