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  • 7 Sensible Steps to Take Before You Buy a New Rose
    Maybe they’ve tried to grow roses before, only to have them die with the first cold snap. Well, if you put the same amount of care and attention into buying a rose plant as you plan to put into taking care of it, you may be pleasantly surprised with the result.
  • America’s Rose Garden
    In 2017, after years of discussion and fundraising, the American Rose Society launched the ‘Great Garden Restoration Project’ – an ambitious 5 year plan to restore and improve the gardens at the American Rose Center by 2022.
  • Basic Pruning of Climbers
    Most of the same procedures apply to climbing roses as shrubs or floribundas, but there are a few differences, due to the way that climbers grow. Here is a look at the basics of how to prune them.
  • Best NW Roses?
    There are new roses of each type, each year – and many in recent years have been very hearty in our Northwestern US climate.
  • Intro to Arranging
    Is it possible for a plonker to become a designer or arranger & a real competitor? Absolutely!
  • Monet’s Gardens at Giverny
    Monet’s garden was one of his biggest sources of his inspiration as a painter, so he created and managed the garden expansions himself with precise instructions for his 7 gardeners. He focused on engineering moments of light and color that would occur throughout the day by designing the locations of the flowers according to their colors: those of light colors, such as yellow or white, are placed in the most shaded areas of the garden – then the darkest flowers are placed in juxtaposition with the light ones. It came out in the paintings . . .
  • Pt. Defiance Rose Garden
    One of the most popular pastimes in Pt. Defiance Park is to quietly sit in the colorful Rose Garden among the 1500 roses and let the scents and sounds of the park come to you. Soak it in . . .
  • Queens Herald – October 2020
    -TRS October Meeting is Oct 15 at 7pm; Zoom warm-up begins at 6.30. -Oct. 30 & 31: The Fall Conference will be on ZOOM this year. Form below.
  • REALLY Fragrant ARS Roses
    The James Alexander Gamble Fragrance Award The April 2014 Queen’s Herald contained an article that listed the favorite fragrant roses for a good number of TRS members. Many roses were mentioned and all would be…
  • Rosie the Riveter Gardens
    Why a ‘Rosie the Riveter’ garden? American rosarians can plant 3-12 of the ‘Rosie the Riveter’ rose bushes in our major community gardens to honor these overlooked female heroes of WWII. It will continue to inspire future generations of young American women.
  • Seasonal Rose Care
    Here is a summary of seasonal projects that we seem to go back to like a favorite chair – and with good results that walk in the rose show door year after year.
  • Zoom FAQ
    The Zoom platform offers screen-sharing for all our modern computers – and mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Use this start-up guide to help you get onto Zoom and back visiting with your rose friends at our online monthly meetings.