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Consulting Rosarian FAQs

There are currently 1288 ARS Certified Consulting Rosarians (CR) across America who are an important asset to the American Rose Society. In TRS, they are among the most active members of our rose society.

CRs are trained to provide important information on rose culture.  They willingly and enthusiastically share their time and talent with both new and old rosarians.

Their motto is to keep the information simple and understandable

Yes. All members are welcome to add articles about CR stories.

Sorry, CRs are only consultants for roses.

Yes. At ARS online. Visit their CR Resources page.

You can become a CR too by completing some necessary requirements including:

  • Membership in the American Rose Society 
  • At least 3 years of experience growing roses 
  • Have successfully completed a CR school.

Yes. In fact the only 2 CRs in all of Alaska are TRS members.

2015 – 2020 years are listed on the QH Archive Page by month. Click on the image to go to the PDF version in the reader. There are many articles about continuing education there.

For Master Rosarian information, please email us your questions. With Covid-19 many classes can’t be held. Our leadership team can help you with some more details.

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