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Consulting Rosarian FAQs

There are currently 1288 ARS Certified Consulting Rosarians (CR) across America who are an important asset to the American Rose Society. In TRS, they are among the most active members of our Rose Society.

CRs are trained to provide important information on all aspects of the ever-changing rose culture.  They willingly and enthusiastically share their time and talent with both new and old rosarians.

Their motto is to keep the information simple and understandable


  • There is an application form that you need to fill out and return.
  • Plus you need recommendations from 3 current ARS District Members who know you personally and your good work.
  • Our TRS Consulting Rosarian Chair can help you with the details if you have more questions.

If you are an ARS Member, keep an eye out for a direct email in August and December that will detail when classes are coming up, the subjects, and how to pre-register.

Yes. At ARS online. Visit the ARS CR Resources page. For specific questions, talk to our CR Chairperson. Their names and contact info is usually on the last page of the Queens Herald Newsletter.

Yes. Yearly CE credits are part of maintaining up-to-date information related to your certification. Science and best practices keep moving forward – and so do we.

Yes. All members are welcome to add articles about CR stories. ARS also solicits articles for their publications from CRs.

Sorry, CRs are only informal consultants for roses. But we can help you get started on your rose garden, since we like to see everyone enjoy their own rose garden.

You can become a CR too by completing the necessary requirements including:

  • Membership in the American Rose Society 
  • Have at least 3 years of experience growing roses
  • Have 3 references for the CR school  
  • Successfully complete the CR school curriculum and test.

As of 2020, 5 CR classes are held 2 times per year – once in early Fall and once in mid-winter. ARS provides an online manual for your use during class, and it is a great reference once you’re done. The lessons occur weekly and online for 2 hrs each with an online test during the week after the last class.

All classes + the test are required for certification.

In Spring 2021, there are 5 classes and 1 test.

  • The CR Mission
  • Soils and Water
  • Fertilizer
  • Insects and Diseases
  • Chemical Safety
  • Online Exam

Yes. In fact, the only 2 CRs in all of Alaska are TRS members. Some of us are even outside the US.

2015 – 2020 years are listed on the QH Archive Page by month. Click on the image to load the PDF version in your reader. There are many articles about continuing education there.

For Master Rosarian information, please email us your questions. With Covid-19 many classes can’t be held. Our leadership team can help you with some more details.

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