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Regional Home + Garden Shows – plus County and State Fairs

You Have the gardens. We Have Shows.

I know – let’s put on a show

Each year we have table displays or booths at many venues in the Tacoma area, where Members meet the public.  Often, groups of interested gardeners visit our table to learn about rose growing, showing, and arranging.

The senses will run wild among the scents and colors that abound in the Fair’s floral exhibits. Our Members bring many different varieties of their prize winning garden roses each year that are judged by the Fair’s Staff.

We are often asked for daily demonstrations to provide insight into how to cultivate roses as well as creative arrangement ideas.

We run a booth for homeowners looking for quick rose guidance during the January show. Sometimes, we also provide a main stage presentation or how-to clinic on general rose subjects. The Tacoma Home + Garden Show is always a fun gathering for all kinds of home improvement inspiration and early season advice, not just ours.

Like the Tacoma Home + Garden Show, we run a booth at this county fair to answer questions from local homeowners and their families who are looking for quick rose guidance during the show. Sometimes, we will do a main stage presentation or how-to clinic on general rose subjects like diseases or pruning.

WE love to share what we know about roses


Very easily, we hope. Email us using the Contact Form to start a conversation about joining TRS. Simple.

Not during Covid-19 in 2021, sorry. But there may be time for your question at the end of a monthly Zoom meeting during the Q and A.

Not any more. That’s more of a project that the Master Gardeners would take on. We’re more about rose growing advice and spotting problems in the rose garden.

Yes, monthly. Many of our Members are also active Members of the PNW District of ARS, and a few are past National ARS Officers. ARS is our “Parent Organization” and you will see many articles written by TRS Members in their publications.

This is a big subject, filled with personal preferences. But it boils down to a fresh supply of 20-20-20 granular fertilizer, alfalfa meal, and if you have the time, Miracle-Gro liquid for foliar fertilizing as a booster.

We’ve discovered Zoom and are using it each month in 2021 when we can’t meet in person. Each Member gets an invitation by email in advance of a meeting that has a 1-click-join link. Here’s a post about Zoom.

It starts with maintaining good soil and keeping the bushes healthy. Adding alfalfa meal and a 20-20-20 fertilizer 3X/year will boost the plant’s strength.

Right now, about 45 active Members – but we’re always looking for more. If you or a friend are interested, just email us using the Contact Form. Once joined, you will have access to Zoom meetings each month for more information about growing and showing roses.

Yes. We do a lot of training on pruning each year. In the Spring, we hard-prune the bushes at Pt. Defiance Rose Garden and other locations in Tacoma. It’s a great venue to teach hands-on about the “Spring Prune.” After that, the next major period for pruning starts in June at Pt. Defiance when we “deadhead.” It’s a weekly event on Thursday afternoons – and we again teach hands-on right in the garden.

Not directly, but we can teach you how to . . . We do that every week. If there’s one sad looking bush, we can work with you by email or phone and by sharing pictures from your smartphone. Garden visits are rare during Covid-19.

Didn’t see that one coming . .

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