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We are trained by the American Rose Society. We love to help.

Tacoma’s Rose Society has 20 Consulting rosarians

Rosarians who Consult

ARS is proud of the 1288 ARS Certified Consulting Rosarians (CR) in their program. They are an important asset to the American Rose Society and serve the needs of millions of the rose growing public across the country.  

Our local CRs are trained to provide important information on all the many aspects of rose culture and are always willing to share their time and experience with rose growers in the Tacoma area. A simple email to us will get things started.

Our CRs are among the most active members of the American Rose Society in general and TRS in particular. They can address almost any question about growing roses with basic as well as advanced information – but the overriding motto is to keep the information simple, understandable, and positive. 

Across the country, you can find one near you since all local rose societies have trained CRs – but gardeners in Tacoma are lucky to have so many.

We even trained the only 2 CRs in the state of Alaska.

Anyone can grow roses. We can show you how.

It looks like a mix between a party and a yard clean-up.


Occasionally, our talented group of volunteers will organize a one-day rose garden rehab for community members who are losing their roses due to big changes like illness, selling a house, or moving into a new one. Many family members seek us out during probate, too.

With six to ten dedicated Members, we transform a needy rosebed in one short day.  It is extremely gratifying. Experienced rosarians share skills with the new ones, and we get a lot done. Often the extra roses are sold at the Fall auction and get replanted the same year in a new and loving home.

Mostly, we prune until the carpal tunnel takes over, dig like crazy, and then rake up what needs to be tossed. The bushes are identified, then repotted quickly – and finally staged for transport to our temporary holding yards where they are ‘foster-parented’.

Regional American Rose Society advice

ARS Educated Help

Each year Consulting Rosarians have new education in multiple subjects. If you need help with your roses, you have access to this quality information through your local Consulting Rosarians.

WE know roses

Rose Amnesty FAQs

It is the ‘saving of the roses’ – as in removing and replanting the bushes elsewhere. Sometimes, we find an historic rose that hasn’t been sold for decades in Grandma’s garden.

It’s most often a rose that hasn’t been sold for decades. But once in a while it can be a rose from the 19th or early 20th century.

Yes – a little bit while we’re getting the big job done.

Yes. But with social distancing in effect.

Yes. Just email us. The form is on the Contact page.

Yes. Just email us. The form is on the Contact page.

Many go into the next Spring plant sale or Fall auction. Some are used by our local hybridizers for growing new rose cultivars. This could lead to new rose bushes to share at the Fall Auction.

It has been one day, usually.

Yes – a little bit while we’re getting the big job done.

Yes. Often by phone or an email with pictures.

Not directly, but we can teach you how to. Again, email us and we will look into your situation.

Yes. Just email us. The form is on the Contact page.

We’re selling a house, but the roses. . .

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