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WE HAVE fewer event answers in 2020

Event FAQs

Our rose show is typically in early June, but this year there isn’t a way to meet in person. So, being ever-flexible, we just finished our first online ‘Rose Show and Tell’ using the Woobox platform in 2020. We’ll be doing it again in 2021. More details will be in the upcoming Queen’s Herald Newsletters.

Go to to get an overview of their service using your computer, laptop, or even smartphone.

Due to Covid-19, we are still evaluating this event. Evaluate the bushes that you already have. We hope to see you in the Fall after the State government allows group events again. This will be a subject in future Newsletters.

We’ve been meeting on the 3rd Thursday of each month, like a normal year – except now it’s on Zoom.

Visit for an overview of their free service using your desktop, laptop, or even smartphone. Learning Zoom is now often a subject of these meetings.

Nope. He’s a distinguished retired gentleman now. But he still gets his hands dirty working in his own garden. But Marianne Binetti might. She has a large online presence.

Fertilizing 20 days prior to the show is one way. Organic fertilizer and alfalfa meal are common products for this.

We learned about, and ran the ‘Rose Show and Tell’ show with it in 2020. We had lots of entries and visitors – and we are doing it again in June of 2021.

Visit our WooBox Gallery to view pictures of great TRS members’ roses using your computer, laptop, or even smartphone.

Snip the bloom and bring it to the next Zoom monthly Member meeting on the 3rd Thursday of the month.

Also, plan on entering a picture in the ‘Rose Show & Tell’ in June.

We’ve been meeting each month, like a normal year – except now it’s on Zoom like our monthly general meeting.

Meet a few of Our favorites

Daring Spirit
Julia Child
Double Delight
Queen Elizabeth
Veterans Honor

We’d love to meet more in 2021, but til then . . .

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