Best NW Roses?

What are the best roses for my NW garden?

Pick your favorite color first, then look for the heartiest ones with the boldest colors.

As you’ll see from my lists, I’m a Grandiflora fan.  They’re tough, & make great cut flowers as well.  Rose arrangers treasure them also. There are new roses of each type, each year – and many in recent years have been very hearty in our western US climates.

The American Rose Society (www.Rose.org) in the US, for example, has a list each year of the best new roses based on trial plantings.  Those are great starting points.

ARS uses a rating system based on performance in the gardens & include heartiness as a criteria.  That really helps for beginning growers who don’t like injurious bugs or disease.  (There are many beneficial bugs out there too.)

Another is the Help Me Find database for finding roses by name.  

The Pacific Northwest US zone, for example, uses the recommended rose list from Portland Oregon.The links below are to the individual pages of HelpMeFind.com. 

Some of the most successful I’ve used while in the Northwest include:

Queen ElizabethPink  Hybrid TeaVery hearty & tall
 About FaceOrange blendGrandiflorahearty & fragrant
Veteran’s HonorDeep RedHybrid teahearty & bold
John F. KennedyWhite blend          Hybrid teafragrant & tall
South AfricaYellowGrandifloralarge double flowers
Julia ChildButter yellowFloribundaflower clusters

Do you love those quality roses in your garden ?

The American Rose Society (ARS) has been making sure that they’re available since 1892.

ARS is:

  • The best resource for successful rose gardening in the nation, across all regions.
  • The International Cultivar Registration Authority Rosa (ICRAR) which was appointed by The International Society of Horticultural Science (ISHS) in 1955.
  • The oldest single plant horticultural society in the United States.
  • The oldest national rose society in the world.
  • The centralized training body for all the local Rose Societies in the US.
  • A founding member of the World Federation of Rose Societies (WFRS).

A good all-around ARS start-up 2019 selection guide for your garden is here.

They do a great job of recommending roses by their ARS District zones in the US. Their colorful printed materials (below) are very helpful too. Start with this page. 

I hope this brief list is helpful. It’s a big, subjective converstion that changes every year with new roses introduced by the hybridizers & brought into commerce.

A lot of the culture of roses is bringing rose blooms to our meetings at TRS, while sharing successes and surprises from your own experience in the garden. If you have any suggestions that should end up in a list like this, add a comment in the section below, or in the forum section when we get that up and running later in the year.

Join us and enjoy the new world of a Zoom meeting with roses . . .

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