​​The Tacoma Rose Society

May 21 Meeting -

will be on ZOOM
- Let's practice on 5/14 first -


~ Work in your own rose garden.  Plant leftovers.

~ Wash your hands with soap & water 4X / day.

~ Avoid anyone coughing.

​~ Make a mask or bandana for yourself.

​~ Communicate daily with others by phone at least.

~  Gather quality medical information, not opinion.

~ Eat well & have your shopping delivered.

​~ Discover ZOOM . . . 



NOW:  Learn ZOOM . .

Upcoming . . . 

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Welcome back:  It's May 2020

Due to the 'Stay at Home' Order to reduce gatherings many of our events have been cancelled.  But we're TRS, so we're not going to do nothing . . . 

In response, we're going to ZOOM around this virus! 

ZOOM is a conferencing platform for non-techies like us that allows groups to meet in a single video call online from home.  ( There are even virtual backgrounds, so we can hide the clutter behind us. )

Take a look:

Use Google or YouTube for sites & tutorials.  If you're stuck, email or call the WebMaster, Steve at the address / number on your Newsletter's last page.


Our first foray into this new adventure will be on 5/14 at 7 PM.  There will be a talk by Bruce as well as a tutorial about the details of Zoom, plus room for many questions.

Kerry Tynes has an intro article on the front page of the May Newsletter to give you an overview of the process.

​ZOOM download page is here:   https://zoom.us/download


The second foray will be a full meeting on 5/21 and you can sign in to Zoom after 6:30, so we're ready for the meeting content at 7 PM.  It will center around 'Some of Our Favorite Roses' by Bruce - and loaded with pictures.


Thanks to you all for making this a legendary Rose Society.