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The 'Peace Rose' USPS

Forever Stamp

Image  used is by our District friend Rich Baer from the Portland Rose Society.

20 stamp booklets for $10.00 at  your

local Post Office

October meeting is Thursday the 18th

Theme:  Winter Readiness

TRS program chair, MasterRosarian John Moe, will not be to attend the October meeting. However, Bruce will use John’s program on “Winterization” to guide us through the essential material. For a change of pace the program will be more participatory in nature and feature a panel made up of all the Consulting Rosarians attending the October meeting. (Everyone should plan on asking and answering questions in a format from Wheel of Fortune, Car Talk, and Jeopardy.)

If you play along, you will have your questions answered and also have the opportunity to share what you do each fall. It will be fun if everyone is willing to speak up and also listen!

Last notice:  Register for the

November Fall Conference!!

: : By Oct 26th  : :

​~ More in the QH . . . . . as always ~

Busy October Meeting

~Rose success roundtable

~2019 Officer nominations

~Fall Conference details

~CR Continuing Ed credits

~General meeting with slides

~November Auction prep

~Rose Garden quadrant prep

~Visiting with friends - 

       and eating well too . . . 



learn how to 'heel in' roses

in the Pt. Defiance

Rose Garden from Steve Hrbig next Feb. . . . 


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