Monthly meeting April 19 at Gloria Dei

 Focus:  Fertilizers with John

John Moe will be the featured speaker at our April meeting. He will be talking about fertilizer and fertilization. This is perfectly timed to coincide with the delivery of the Puyallup Rose Fertilizer and Alfalfa meal, and was one of the most requested programs on the recent survey done by John at an earlier meeting this year.
(Note: Consulting Rosarians - don’t forget to sign up for CR credit for John’s talk!)

At 7pm John will be talking about what to do in your garden this month. Please bring your rose related questions. This is your chance to ask the Co-Chair of the District Consulting Rosarians all sorts of things!

At 7:30, after all the 50lb bags have been loaded and questions have been answered, we will be ready to learn about fertilizer.

If you still haven’t placed your order, the deadline to order alfalfa was April 6 and the deadline for fertilizer is April 18th.

Our friends from
the Puyallup Rose Society will be in the parking lot behind the church at about
6:00pm on the 19th with the tons of fertilizer and alfalfa you have ordered. 


Start-up is Wednesday

June 20 at 4 PM

in the Point Defiance

Rose Garden

Upcoming . . . 

 Bring the truck !!  

 -Fertilizer @ $25

 -Alfalfa @ N/A

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