The Fall Conference will prove to be one of the best yet!

Different location: Red Lion on the River (located in Jantzen Beach Oregon, literally on the Columbia River)

Different weekend: November 2-4, 2018. Some Saturday Fall Conference Highlights:

Keynote speaker:  Bob Martin, newly installed ARS President, whose talk is titled, “If You’re Growing Roses and Not Having Fun, You’re Doing Something Wrong.”

Steve McCullough of Mountain Shadow Nursery will give a presentation on tissue culture of roses. Steve is a long-time member of the Hybridizers Association, and has agreed to share his latest propagation techniques.

Dr. Gary Ritchie will give another excellent talk on the science of rose growing.

Caroline and John Fredette will share their experiences at the World Federation of Roses in Copenhagen, Denmark in July 2018.

Barbara Jensen will speak on the 'Rosie the Riveter Program', bringing rose gardens to many states honoring the many women workers of WWII.

Rich Baer will entice us with photos of delightful roses. ( He of the recent USPS Forever stamp of the Peace Rose - shown below.)

Registration forms will be in the Northwest Rosarian summer issue (August).

 2018 PNW Fall Conference