Our Annual Picnic: Saturday, August 12th at Julie Axberg and Noah Cornick's home.

The picnic will start at noon and we plan to eat at 1pm.

TRS will provide coffee, soft drinks, cups, plates and silverware. Please come and bring a potluck dish to share with the group.

If your name starts with A-H please bring a salad, I-P, please bring a hot dish, Q-Z, please bring a dessert or an appetizer. If there is something you really want to bring, but you are not on that list, bring it anyway because things will even out.

We will be short on tables and especially chairs. If you can bring either or both, that would be great.   

Julie and Noah live a few blocks away from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma. While there is plenty of space for parking on the street, carpooling is a good idea.

Next Meeting August 12, 2017 :

Annual Fair Rose Shows: Sep't 3 through 23 in Puyallup

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TRS Member Annual Picnic at Casa Axberg: Sat. Aug 12 at noon . . .

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Pt. Defiance Deadheading

needs your talent through September !!