'Monthly Chores' with Bruce Lind

Bruce will lead off the night with his recommendations for this month's work in the gardens as we head into early Winter.  Bring your questions & even pictures . . . 

'Propagation using hardwood cuttings'  

John Moe will be telling us how to propagate roses using hardwood cuttings. This is just the right time to be doing this since we will soon be cutting our roses back for the winter.

John will take us through all the steps. Afterwards, he will have some cuttings of R. nutkana so we can practice how to prepare some cuttings for planting. Please bring your pruners so you can learn how to do this. Then you will be ready to do this at home with your own cuttings .  .  .

Just think: you could be creating a unique rose right in your own greenhouse - priceless !!

(If you cannot make it to the meeting or if you would like to review the process, John has put his program on the PNW District website. You can find the link in his Q&A column in the October newsletter.)

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TRS October Meeting

Oct 19, 2017

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Tacoma

PNW District Conference    Oct 27-29

Heathman Lodge, Vancouver WA

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