'2017 Fall Plant Auction'  

​Our meeting will start with a potluck dinner at 6PM, so bring your favorite dish or
soup. Desserts and snacks are also welcome. No time to fix something? Come
anyway –there will be lots of food to share.

The auction starts at 7:00 PM with our Rose Angel (Bruce Lind) as auctioneer.

Here are some tips for a great auction:

~Raft Island Roses usually donates some great roses. Hint, hint . . . 

~Many of our members are digging out roses from their gardens to make room for next year’s new roses. We expect to have all types & sizes of roses.

~Perennials and other plants are also welcome.

~Please double bag all your plants so they are not messy!
~Take the time to look in your garden right now. There are probably some roses that you’d like to put up for adoption. You might want to donate roses because you need room to put in new roses you saw at the Fair or heard about recently. ~Donated roses should be healthy!! (Others' roses could end up in your yard too.)

~When you dig them up, put them in a pot or immediately wrap the roots with moistened newspaper and place the roots, paper and all, in a plastic bag.
~Double bag! We don’t want to make a mess at Gloria Dei Church. The roses
will be okay for a couple of days as long as they are protected from drying out or

~Now think about some great roses you would like to buy to replace your donations.  Check out the QH for more details about what to expect. 

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TRS January Banquet

Saturday January 20, 2018

​(tentative date)

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church,

on 19th St. Tacoma

Tacoma Home & Garden Show Booth

Jan 25-28

Tacoma Dome

Next Meeting October 19, 2017 :

TRS November Potluck& Annual Plant Sale: Nov 16 from 6 to 9pm

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