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October Meeting

Thursday, October 16,  7 p.m.


John Moe


Propagating Roses

from Hardwood Cuttings


Raft Island Roses list of new roses for 2015 will be available.


Also...share your favorite roses from this year!

On the 16th of October at Grace Lutheran Church Master Rosarian John Moe will give his program on propagation from hard wood cuttings.  

John suggested that we look at the dates of introduction/patent for  the roses on our Recommended Roses list and think about which of them are out of patent.  We have gone through the list and added dates of introduction/patent dates to hand out at the meeting so people would know which roses to think about propagating.

And, since people are looking forward to hearing about new roses, we thought a session asking everyone to tell us which roses did very well for them this year would serve several purposes.  

We will discuss roses to get for next year and take notes to use to update our list of recommended roses. So, please come to the meeting with a list of those roses you would recommend to others.

Please come and join us for a very inspiring evening, which will be our last meeting at Grace Lutheran Church.

The meeting will start at 7 p.m. with a horticulture “clinic” by Bruce Lind (please bring your rose care questions) and an arrangement “clinic” by Jo Martin. John Moe’s program will start at approximately 7:30 p.m..



Our Annual Rose Auction takes place at our meeting on November 20. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and it is also a lot of fun. It’s time to start thinking about which roses you would like to donate to the auction. Walk through your garden and make a list.

Donated roses should be healthy – think about roses you would like to buy. You might want to dig roses because you need room to put in new roses you saw at the Fair or heard about at this month’s program.

In the November Queen’s Herald we’ll explain how to care for the roses you dig and how to get them to the auction.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and neighbors about the auction. It is a great way to get good roses at a fantastic price.

As soon as you know what roses you will be bringing, let Barbara Lind know (see Queen's Herald for contact information) so she can add them to the Auction List. We hope to see you there, checkbook in hand!






TRS News


Thank you to

Grace Lutheran Church

The October meeting will be our last one at Grace Lutheran Church.  The church has been sold, effective in mid November.  We greatly appreciate the warm welcome and the hospitality shown to the TRS by the congregation of Grace Lutheran Church! 



Autumn Arrangement by Keith Ripley


New Meeting Location

in November

Our November Rose Auction and Potluck will be at our new location - Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Tacoma.  The address is 3315 South 19th St.  It is located on 19th street across from Allenmore Hospital.  


Roses at the TRS booth of the  Fall Garden Show

...from the garden of Jo Martin





TRS Meetings



Regular Meetings - 2014


February 20

March 20

April 17

May 15

June 19


September 18

October 16


November 20

(Rose Auction)



October TRS Meeting Location


6202 S. Tyler Street, Tacoma, Washington



November TRS Meeting Location


3315 South 19th St.

Tacoma, Washington


PNW District Conference

Vancouver, WA

October 31 - November 2

If you have not made arrangements to attend this conference, please consider attending. It is a great weekend (or just a Saturday) of learning about rose growing and seeing new and old friends in the district.

Complete registration information can be found in the September issue of the Queen’s Herald or at the PNW District Website.



by John Moe,Master Rosarian

Q – I’m looking ahead to fall pruning, and see that there are a lot of nice healthy stems that will be pruned, and was wondering if I couldn’t propagate some of them. If I can, how do I do it?

A – Yes, you can propagate them. We talk about making softwood cuttings in the summer, and hardwood cuttings in the fall. This is a good time to do this.

For a pictorial view in a PowerPoint presentation, go to the PNW District website, click on the Rose Culture articles tab and select "Propagating Hardwood Cuttings."

A process similar to what Grandma did with a Mason jar, here is a short version of what you will see.

For large roses, take your disease free cuttings, about pencil length and thickness, leaving the top two sets of leaves. For minis and minifloras, use proportional sizes.

 Break off the prickles (thorns) that will be below ground. Trim the lower end at an angle just below a bud eye, and wound (scrape) lightly below and opposite that eye.

Dip the stem in a rooting hormone, tap gently to remove excess, dig a small hole, and insert the cutting so the bottom leaves are just at or slightly above soil level. Fill in, and firm in with your hands and water.

 Protect with a large plastic soda or milk bottle. Cut the bottom off and discard the cap. It will get warm inside the bottle, and you will see the moisture (condensation) on the inside.

Be patient – leave it alone for a year! Fertilize lightly and water normally next summer, dig out and transplant next fall.











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