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November 20




Potluck Dinner, 6 p.m.

Auction begins at 7 p.m.

On Thursday, November 20th we will be having our annual Rose Auction. This is our major fund raising event of the year. Be sure to bring some friends along with you to share the fun and get some great bargains.

Our meeting will start with a potluck dinner at 6PM. Bring your favorite dish or soup. Desserts and snacks are also welcome. No time to fix something? Come anyway – there will be lots of food to share.

If you haven't been to one of our auctions in previous years,click here for "What to expect at the Auction!"

The auction starts at 7:00 PM with our rose angel Bruce Lind as auctioneer. Raft Island Roses is donating about 50 roses. Many of our members are digging out roses from their gardens to make room for next year’s new roses. We expect to have all types of roses. Perennials and other plants are also welcome.

Please double bag plants so they are not messy! Take the time to look in your garden right now. There are probably some roses that you’d like to put up for adoption. You might want to dig roses because you need room to put in new roses you saw at the Fair or heard about at last month’s program.

Donated roses should be healthy – think about roses you would like to buy. When you dig them up, put them in a pot or immediately wrap the roots with moistened newspaper and place the roots, paper and all, in a plastic bag.

Double bag! We don’t want to make a mess at Gloria Dei Church. They’ll be okay for a couple of days as long as they are protected from drying out or freezing.

If you know ahead of time what roses you will be bringing, please let Barbara Lind know so she can add them to the Auction List and find a photo to show off how great the rose will look in its new home.

If you can help with set-up, please come at about 4:30PM.

This will be our first time to have the auction at our new meeting place. We will have to make it up as we go along.

We plan to have the “fixed price” roses outside in the back parking lot of the church with halogen lights and flashlights handy. Bring an umbrella if it looks like rain. The “auction” roses will be brought inside one-by-one.

Come early for the best selection. We’ll have garden carts to get the roses to your car.

As you can see from the photos of Gloria Dei Church, the back parking lot and the meeting room are on the same level - no steps to negotiate with all the roses you are adding to your garden.






TRS News


New Meeting Location

in November

Our November Rose Auction and Potluck will be at our new location - Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Tacoma.

The address is 3315 South 19th St. It is located on 19th street across from Allenmore Hospital.  



DRIVING DIRECTIONS to Our New Meeting Location at

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

From Northbound or Southbound I-5 take the Highway 16W Exit (132). Continue Westbound to Union Ave Exit (1B) and travel Northbound (right) on Union Ave. There is a stoplight at the intersection of Union Ave and S 19th St.

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church is about 1 block East. Turn right on S 19th and then left into the parking lot. The parking lot can also be accessed via Union Ave & S 18th St.

(This location is two blocks directly South of Life Manor, our meeting place for more than 10 years, and directly across 19th Street from the Allenmore Hospital parking lot.)



Gloria Dei Lutheran Church


Parking on the other side of the building (back side). The door to the kitchen is right in front of the car in the photo. Matt says to use the door at the far end of the parking lot. This is where the roses will be!


Front entrance parking lot.

The entrance is in front of the two cars on the right.



Autumn Arrangement by Jo Martin



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November 20

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November TRS Meeting Location


3315 South 19th St.

Tacoma, Washington



PNW District Conference

Vancouver, WA

If you ask any of the TRS members pictured below if they had a great time at this year’s Fall Conference, I know they would give a resounding “Yes!”

The talks were all great and informative. The silent auction was incredible with over 100 roses offered, beautiful framed rose photos from the District Photo Contest, wonderful gift baskets donated by local societies and many other items donated by attendees.

Plan to join us for the October 2015 Conference! You will enjoy it!



by John Moe, Master Rosarian

Q – Is it really necessary to remove the leaves from my rose bushes or pick up the dead ones in the winterization process? Is there a reason to do this, as it looks like a lot of work?

A – A lot of them will be gone anyway with fall pruning as you cut the bush down by at least one third. Don’t worry about the outward eye – just whack them down so they will not rock back and forth with the winter winds, which can loosen the soil around the base and break roots.

Yes, it does take work to remove the leaves from the plants, especially if you have a lot of roses, but there really is no reason to remove them as they still provide photosynthesis. Modern roses do not go dormant!

After you have cut the bush down, take a look at the remaining leaves and, if you can, cut off the diseased ones. Do not pull as that leaves a wound for canker to enter. Then do an application of fungicide or dormant spray, as most rose diseases winter over on the canes, not on the fallen leaves. Leaves left on the bush will be removed during the spring pruning.

Clean up the beds before liming and mulching. If I feel ambitious, I get out the leaf blower and blow them out for easier pick up.











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