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April 16, 2015


Master Rosarian John Moe will be our speaker tonight! First, at 7 p.m., he will present what to do in your rose garden this month, with time for your rose growing questions!


Alfalfa and fertilizer orders will be available for you to load into your vehicle from 7 to 7:30. It's too late to order alfalfa, but if you would like to order fertilizer ($25 for a 50-pound bag) to pick up at this meeting, call the Linds by April 16th.


At 7:30, after our business portion of the evening, it's time to learn about fertilizing and soil preparation to grow the best roses possible. Thanks, John Moe!





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TRS Meeting

April 16, 2015



At Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

7:00 p.m.



to Our Meeting Location at

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

From Northbound or Southbound I-5 take the Highway 16W Exit (132). Continue Westbound to Union Ave Exit (1B) and travel Northbound (right) on Union Ave. There is a stoplight at the intersection of Union Ave and S 19th St.

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church is about 1 block East. Turn right on S 19th and then left into the parking lot. The parking lot can also be accessed via Union Ave & S 18th St.

(This location is two blocks directly South of Life Manor, our meeting place for more than 10 years, and directly across 19th Street from the Allenmore Hospital parking lot.)

As you can see from the photos of Gloria Dei Church, the back parking lot and the meeting room are on the same level - no steps to negotiate with all the roses you are adding to your garden.


Gloria Dei Lutheran Church


Parking on the other side of the building (back side). The door to the kitchen is right in front of the car in the photo. Matt says to use the door at the far end of the parking lot.


Front entrance parking lot.

The entrance is in front of the two cars on the right.







TRS News



By Margaret Leisner, Master Rosarian

Neil Diamond is certain to be a big hit at the Point Defiance Rose Garden this summer! No, not the Hall of Fame singer, but one of the many new roses we can look forward to enjoying in 2015.

The Point Defiance Rose Garden Advisory Committee met earlier this year and, after reviewing the entire garden, purchased the following roses from local nurseries, using funds from previous garden sales. Three of each cultivar were purchased unless otherwise noted and many are fragrant and/or resistant to disease.

Check these out; they may be just what you would like to add to your own garden:


Philatelie’ is raspberry red with white stripes and produces large double blooms; grows to 5 feet in height.

‘Dee-Lish’ is deep pink with an old fashioned flower form. It has a strong fragrance of verbena and citrus and is disease resistant. It was featured on the cover of the latest ARS magazine.

‘Smokin’ Hot’ is fiery orange with a white reverse and smoky, purple highlights. It has a moderate spice fragrance.

‘Mercury Rising’ is pink with cream shading. It grows to 6’ tall and has a mild fragrance. It is a seedling of “Gemini” and produces large high centered blooms with glossy foliage.

‘Neil Diamond’ has pink blooms speckled with white. It has classic rose fragrance, glossy foliage and its long stems make it great for cutting. Plus it has “Rock and Roll” in its lineage.




"Neil Diamond"

Weeks Roses


‘Grande Amore’ is a stunning deep red with double blooms and is exceptionally resistant to blackspot and powdery mildew.

‘Pretty Lady Rose’ is rich rose pink, sweetly fragrant and disease resistant. It is named for Lady Rose from the Downton Abbey series.


‘Margaret Merril’ is white or white blend with a pink center in a high centered bloom form. It has a strong citrus spice fragrance. (Floribunda)

‘Miss Congeniality’ is creamy white with pink edges and gloss foliage. It has a cluster flowered bloom form and it is disease resistant. (Grandiflora)

‘Above All’  is a salmon, orange blend with a mild fruity fragrance, glossy foliage and double petals. “Westerland” is part of its parentage. (Climber)


"Above All"

Weeks Roses






Double Delight


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Deadheading at Pt. Defiance Rose Garden begins:

June 25

TRS Rose Show: June 27





by John Moe, Master Rosarian

Q – Both you and Bruce have mentioned that we should spray with a fungicide as soon as we finish our spring pruning. Not a lot of new growth yet, so what is the purpose of spraying so soon? Am I just wasting my expensive fungicide?

A – Most of the diseases that we experience here in the PNW overwinter on the canes, so the first spray of a fungicide is the most important spray of the season! What we want to do is to prevent these spores from moving to the new foliage when growth starts. When we prune down quite low, as we typically do here in the PNW, we do remove a lot of the source for fungal infections, but what remains is adequate to get the cycle started over again. In addition to a fungicide, we also like to use a horticultural oil to help kill over-wintered eggs and larvae.












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