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April Meeting

Thursday, April 17, 7 p.m.

Gary Ritchie, Phd.

Master Rosarian

The Rose Doctor:

Diagnose and Manage Rose Problems



TRS Board Meeting

Monday, April 28, 7 p.m.



Pt. Defiance Rose Garden

Thank you for all your great support for this wonderful fundraiser for the rose garden!


Annual Rose Show

July 12, 2014





Mulch is a versatile tool for a gardener. Mulch applied in the asring can diminish the presence of weeds (weeds being weeds, we just can’t quite say eliminate the weeds), can help us conserve water, and can also give our beds a pleasing dark color as contrast to the brighter colors present in our rose plants.

Mulch applied in the fall will also help to control the weeds (the darn things grow all year long!) and also provide an insulating layer to protect the vital graft area of our rose plants. If you live in a particularly cold area you will want to make sure your mulch layer extends 8” to 12” above the ground level.

A good mulch should ‘breathe’ and drain well so our roses do not end up spending the winter with wet feet. The shredded leaves used at Pt. Defiance Park seem to work well. Well composted cow manure and professionally composted plant material are also widely used and very effective. Ask a Consulting Rosarian for a recommendation if you will be new to using mulch.







TRS News

Our April 17 Meeting


The Rose Doctor:

Diagnose and Manage Rose Problems


by Gary Ritchie, Phd., Master Rosarian

Dr. Gary Ritchie resides in Olympia, Washington and has grown roses for over 30 years. He is a Master Rosarian and a retired plant physiologist. At 7:30 Dr. Ritchie will present us with his program: “The Rose Doctor”. He will teach us how to diagnose and manage several rose problems with a system that can be applied to many problems that we could experience with our beloved plants. It is going to be a fun and informative evening and your presence will help make it so.

Soil Testing at the April Meeting

TRS member Mike Peterson will be bringing pH testing equipment to our April meeting so we can have our soil tested.  The pH of the soil must be between 6.0 and 6.5 in order for your roses to be able to absorb the chemicals they need. You can see that if your soil is too acidic (below 6.0), as it often is in the PNW, some chemicals will not be available to your roses.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to have your soil tested. Take samples of each bed that you have. When taking your soil samples, take a sample at each corner of your rose bed 6 – 8 inches deep. Take two samples in the center of your beds. Mix all the samples together and bring about 1/4 of a baggie of the total soil mix to our April meeting. Please label the baggie with your name. Thanks so much to Mike and the Puyallup Rose Society for offering this service.











Meeting Location


Grace Lutheran Church

6202 S. Tyler Street


From I-5 South

 Take Exit 130 (S 56th St, University Place). Drive under the overpass. Turn right ( towardTacoma Mall Blvd) and continue west on S 56th St. Cross South Tacoma Way and the Railroad tracks. Turn Left at Tyler St (Moctezuma’s on corner).

  Go South on Tyler 0.3 mile and turn right (Church Entrance) to the parking lot.

From I-5 North

 Take Exit 130 (S 56th St., Tacoma Mall, University Place). Follow the sign for University Place. From the far left lane of the exit ramp, turn left and go 1/2 block, get in the Right lane and turn right onto S. 56th St. Continue west on S 56th St.

  Cross South Tacoma Way and the Railroad tracks. Turn Left at Tyler St (Moctezuma’s on corner). Go South on Tyler 0.3 mile and turn right (Church Entrance) to the parking lot.

From the Narrows Bridge

 From the bridge, turn right onto Jackson Ave. Go for about 3 miles (Jackson becomes Bridgeport Way at 19th St. ). Turn left on Cirque Dr. W (at the Walgreen’s). Continue on through the round-about. Cirque becomes S 56th at Orchard St.

  Continue East to Tyler St. Turn right at Tyler St (Moctezuma’s). Go South on Tyler 0.3 mile and turn right (Church Entrance) to the parking lot.





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TRS Meetings are at


6202 S. Tyler Street, Tacoma, Washington




by John Moe, Master Rosarian


Pruning tip for March


Q – Last month you wrote about really getting carried away with spring pruning in that you mentioned cutting off all that new growth. I am having a difficult time convincing my wife, even though she read your article a couple of times, that we really need to do this. What can I say to make it a tad more palatable?

A – If you can get her to realize that any plant that has spent the winter outdoors, in temperatures that for some came near the single digits, would have some winter kill or at least some winter damage.

As the rose grows, the nutrients must move upwards thru the cane to feed the buds and get them to grow and eventually flower. The new growth starts at the top (apical dominance) of the bush so, even though it might look nice, that new growth does have some winter damage! The cane just below most likely has been damaged by the cold as well.

If you take your pruners and cut off the top few inches of a couple of canes and show her, you should be able to see that the pith is not all the nice apple green that we want, but has a shade of gray and maybe some brown. If she is still not convinced, maybe you can make a deal with her for this year.

 She must have a favorite bush or two, and can remember how well they had bloomed last year. Tell her that you will timidly prune those bushes, getting rid of the dead or cankerous canes, etc., but that you will prune the rest as I wrote last month. If she will go for this deal, I believe that she will see come June and July that you were right, and you will not have to suffer thru this next year. Let me know how it worked out.












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